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          ONE:    "Understanding Yourself and Others"

          TWO:     "Relationships and Life Principles"

      THREE:   "Developing the positives in your life"

        FOUR:     "Improve Your Attitude" 

         FIVE:      "Information about myself" 

 My goal is to help people better understand themselves, understand the core values which drive their life,  understand the boundaries of their relationships, and understand the need to develop their potental as individuals.  Many people limit themselves by not taking time to understand who they are (how they perceive themselves vs how others see them).  People often fail to understand what really drives them and to honestly consider a more broad spectrum of life choices.  I would love to speak to your group, or you could attend  one of my seminars.  Note the times and dates listed below.


The next seminars will be in November of 2017, additional information noted below Note the link at the bottom of the page to enroll.

 Listed in section I are private or group seminars which can be individually scheduled. 

All seminars will be $25 per class hour or $50 for educational institutions regardless of length.

 Section I:

The titles listed below are preferred topics.  Other topics can be discussed and developed as needed. Individual or group seminars can be scheduled.                                           

 Seminar topics are outlined below: Sessions can be scheduled as private meetings, with couples, or with groups.  Individual sessions are $25 per hour, however special arrangements can be made. Please contact me at:   Prior to any scheduled meeting, we will set up a time to talk about your goals, we will determine if our personalities are compatible, and we will also talk about the number of times we will meet and the time of each meeting. 

Pre marital Counseling with a latter of completion: (Lets Talk About Marriage):  Healthy communication, Learning to resolve problems, Budgeting Basics, Intimacy:emotional and sexual, developing commitment, expectations within marriage, trust issues, learning to love and serve your partner, the big differences between men and women, controlling spouses, etc. Other topics related to marriage will also be discussed as they apply.  The course can cover topics for people who have been divorced. Also go to:

Improve Your Attidude by Developing Your Natural Strenghts and By Making Good Decisions:  Finding and understanding your discontments, Setting reachable goals, Find and develop your gifts, better understanding your personality, keys to personal change, Keys to living a positive life, finding your gifts and abilities, finding your motivational core, etc. All of these topics plus more will be covered. 

Some Basic Keys to Mastering Your Marriage:  There are some simple and basic areas of life which will allow a marriage to succeed.  The problems are simple in concept to follow, just very hard to do in real life.  Communication is so much more than just talking, generosity is essential to creating good will in your relationship, harmonious decision making requires compromise, and commitment is an essential ingredient to achieving success.  We will discuss at least seven basic concepts which are essential to having a good marriage.  In this class there will be open dialogue and plenty of time to talk. 

A Survey of the History of the Motorcycle:  This seminar covers the development of the motorcycle from the 1865 to today.  For a basic class outline go to:

The Development of our Roads from Ruts to Mega Highways and the Social Impact of the Automobile:  America has grown from a country of pack trails to interstate highways, from wagons to automobiles, and from small towns to mega-cities.  These areas of development have created significant changes in our country.  We will discuss the problems and politics of road building, the development of the automobile and the social changes which occured because of the car, and the development and impact of huge population centers.

Section II:

Listed below are classes being held at the University of Missouri, Kansas City

November 7, 2017 (Tuesday):  A Brief History of the Motorcycle;  Communiversity class (TBA)

November 14, 2017 (Tuesday):  The Impact of the American Road and the Social Impact of the Automobile  (TBA)

All classes through Communiversity (UMKC Campus)    or call 816-235-1448  Both classes have a $10 fee which goes to the University

 For additional topics check below.



These seminar topics can be scheduled for individuals or groups:

(I) Topics related to Life & Relationships:

"Principles of Successful Marriages"

"Pre-Marital Counseling" (first marriage or previously married)

"Better Understanding Yourself & Others"

"Developing a Positive Attitude"

"The Great Truths About Life"

"How To Find Yourself in a Confusing World" 

"Finding and developing Your gifts"

(II) Topics related to Motorcycles & The American Road:

"History Of The Motorcycle: 1865 to the 21st. century" 

"From Ruts to Roads: The Development Leading to our modern Highway Systems"

"Early Cars, Transportation, and Roads in the US"





Most recognize that life has become more complex and problems that we must confront are on the increase!  Certainly there are few new problems, we just have more of them. If we don't learn how to resolve them they only grow into bigger ones.  Because many of these problems are rooted in issues beyond our immediate control, resolution has become more confusing and complicated.  There are universal solutions when big picture principles are considered, but how do they apply to the individual or to specific problems?  This is where our discussion will begin.  Considering core life issues and disecting them in ways which better allow the individual to understand and analyze them is my starting point.  I can not give you absolute answers for specific issues, you must determine your answers for yourself.  I can, however, help you to understand your problems in the context of our complex world and how to look for ways to resolve them effictively as you grow as a person.  HOW YOU RESOLVE THE OBSTICLES IN YOUR LIFE WILL SHOW YOU WHO YOU REALLY ARE AND WHAT YOU TRULY BELIEVE ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR WORLD!  YOU ARE A COMPILATION OF YOUR RESPONSES TO LIFE!


1.  Our relationships within our family,  marriage,  work, social connections, and our community

2.  Our Finances; how we use and handle money

3.  How we use our time, what habbits we develop,  and what associations we make (they are integrally connected)

4.  How we develop our natural abilities and feed our attitude within the context of our past experience, the expectations placed upon us, and the view that you have of yourself

5.  Our Career choices: How we choose, prepare, develop, and advance in a life profession.  This also includes the changes a person makes throughout their lifetime.

Mark H.Bayer Ed.D.


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The Short List Of Building Blocks To A Better Understanding Of Who You Really Are And Why You Respond To Life The Way That You Do:

1.  What motivates you and what issues can quickly trouble you?

2.  What gender traits best define you as a person, man, or woman?

3.  What are some of the ongoing struggles which you have had to confront in your lifetime?

4.  What past experiences have had a lasting impact on your life?

5.  What are the key issues which have impacted your relationships, family, and career?

6.  Compare how you see yourself with how others see you?  How can you reconcile the two?

7.  Do others see you as a generally happy or negative person?

8.  This is a tough one, how honest about yourself are you able to be? 

It is hard to honestly consider the answers to these questions, and most will not be very objective at first.  As you consider the answers they are not meant to be critical or judgmental, but simply disclosing.  It's not a matter of comparing yourself to others as being better or worse, just how you are differeent. 


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